#CC10 Birthday Mixtape

A European musical tribute to – and celebration of – the 10-year anniversary of the Creative Commons sharing tools. Europe has great musical talent! Some of which is freely available under open licenses. This mixtape showcases the talent of 20 artists from 20 European countries incl. The Global Optimistic and Melodiesinfonie from GERGAZ netlabel. Local Creative Commons organizations have compiled a collection of twenty great songs to help celebrate the 10 year anniversary of the Creative Commons licenses. Enjoy!

“GERGAZ artists love to share their music and video clips under Creative Commons”

| tracklist
01 ZOE.LEELA – Jewel
02 The Black Atlantic – Fragile Meadow
03 Dad Rocks – Weapons
04 Shoes and Socks Off – Tork Sport
05 Dot -IMF
06 The Global Optimistic – Alone in the city feat Moon Reflecting (download)
07 Tone – Work it
08 StrangeZero – Different Feelings
09 Mistakemistake & MC Sky Wikluh – Jos jedan od onih dana
10 Emerald Park – At The Mall
11 Mezonom – Deep Cut
12 Zimbalista – Hadas G.H Drum & bass
13 Melodiesinfonie – Zeitmaschine (download)
14 Morsa – Belly Button
15 Bonus – Odysseus
16 Usta – Banka mydlana
17 Herrmutt Lobby – Flushing Economy
18 Antony Raijekov – Deep Blue (2005)
19 Stormy Mondays – Sunrise Number 1
20 Volfonic – Skango feat Volatil

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  1. [...] Pri príležitosti 10. výročia Creative Commons vám v mene CC Europe predstavujeme narodeninový mix skladieb európskych autorov a hudobníkov využívajúcich licencie Creative Commons. Za Slovensko ďakujeme za spoluprácu skupine Gergaz Netlabel. [...]

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